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With over 10 years experience this dental office offers our clients high quality work at affordable prices. The materials we use are of high quality and are corresponding to international standards.

A dentist can observe by a simple consultation all the problems, even the incipient ones. This is why we offer FREE consultations to all our patients.

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Cheap Dental implant Romania Cluj Napoca RomaniaAre you looking for a dentist in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, that will provide professional services implantology? The Cab Dental find professional solution, offered by Dr. professionally. Diana Bobos, at a special price! If you want the cheapest implant of Cluj-Napoca when we have to meet. In addition, consultation is absolutely free. For an appointment please contact us by phone at +4 0740 874 087.

You ask what the cheapest implant? How much does a dental implant cheaper? Prices are shown on the Internet are highly variable, from many hundred euros (300-400) to 1,000 euros. Why this huge difference? What are the treatments or workmanship which cost up to 600 euros for a dental implant? we do not know! Yes, even we do not know. At Dental Cab have prices displayed, there are exceptions, but they are very rare, in cases where medical help is needed to stimulate osteo-synthesis or even bone grafts, to have enough bone for the implant material to resist. If your question is the cheapest dental implants, we can say that in our case, the Dental Cab, no hidden costs and we certainly do not spend your brand, or rather, the creative office herself. You do not have to pay extra for a dentist attended a seminar in France! It is up to the doctor if it wants to improve or not. We chose to do, the desire to be able to offer the best services at the best prices in Cluj-Napoca. We like to warmly welcome patients and we like to think that from the moment a patient walks into our office becomes our friend. Friends are helping friends do not lie. We are here to become friends. want this ? You can contact us by phone at: +4 0740 874 087 or by email at