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With over 10 years experience this dental office offers our clients high quality work at affordable prices. The materials we use are of high quality and are corresponding to international standards.

A dentist can observe by a simple consultation all the problems, even the incipient ones. This is why we offer FREE consultations to all our patients.

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Are you looking for a dentist in Romania that will provide professional dental implant? At Dental Cab find professional solution, offered by Dr. professionally. Diana Bobos, at a special price! In addition, consultation is absolutely free. For an appointment please contact us by phone at +4 0740 874 087.Dental implant Romania Cluj Napoca

Dental Clinic Dental Cab Cluj Napoca, awaits you in a modern office located in the city center. With the online form you can get in direct contact with the team on site office and by sending an email to your wishes and attach a recent radiograph can choose to receive a quote CUSTOMIZED! Email should be sent to:

Dental Implantology is a modern replacement of a missing tooth root through a screw made of titanium or zirconium, which is called implant.

Placing the implant is done after the extraction site has healed or immediately after extraction by non traumatic surgery.
You wonder what is titanium?
Chemical element, silvery-white metal with high hardness.
After this period the implant and attach a metal piece called abutment, the doctor can place crowns, bridges or dentures that replace teeth or missing teeth.

Dental implant surgery is very important to be done in a dentist with experience in dental implants, through qualified personnel, and the Dental Cab, where you can get dental implant services offered by dr. Diana Bobos. There are many types of dental implants that can solve problems physiognomy, phonation and masticatory efficiency, procedures that do not resolve with a prosthesis classic furniture. To achieve such interventions requires experience and modern equipment, features that you find, certainly in the cabinet Dental Cab (Cluj, Romania). To benefit from dental implants in Romania you can contact us by phone: +4 0740 874 087.